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Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Anneli and I am the breeder behind Amorina´s Chinchilla. I
live in a town named Nynäshamn that is situated 60km south of Stockholm, Sweden.

I started with chinchillas 1994. After that it has grown in numbers and it developed into breeding which I started in 2004.

I am a member and registrated Breeder in Chinchilla Association Sweden. 
 I am only using chinchilllas with a pedigree in my breeding and i´m only using healthy and sound animals. 

I'm focusing on the colours, Black Ebony, Brown Ebony, White Ebony and Goldbar.

When you buy a chinchilla from me it comes with a pedigree and some food to your chinchilla.

Hope you will have a pleasant moment browsing my site and looking at my chinchillas.


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